When designing products, GANDIABLASCO considers their life cycle to
ensure that once they complete their useful life they cause the least possible
environmental impact. Consequently, most pieces are manufactured using
recyclable or reusable materials (aluminium, polyethylene,…).
Gandia Blasco Outdoor
Authentic B&B Italia Outdoor items such as accessories, sectional sofas, contemporary dining tables, armchairs, daybeds & chaise lounges.
B&B Italia Outdoor
Sophistication is simplicity, and richness is minimalism. These are different expressions of beauty.And beauty will always enrich our lives. Moments when we live life to the full, according to our own personal concept of freedom, are important to us. We want those moments to be energised, sensual, ours. Coro keeps giving form to the pleasure of living.
We create things which enrich time, which accompany the changing  moods of every day. Each object sounds a note in our manner of keeping to the rhythm of time, inventing music for each moment. All as part of the concert of elements resounding in tune with us. It is furniture in the real sense, which can go anywhere, inside or outside. A free interpretation of the interior/exterior theme
Coro Italia General Collection
For the exteriors, Paola Lenti offers a complete collection of modular sofas, sun beds, platforms, pouf, armchairs, chairs and tables together with the wide range of High tech rugs, all resistant to water and atmospheric agents. The quality of the materials used make them enduring and easy to maintain; the level of craftsmanship used in production allow for the creation of refined leisure areas for relaxing, not only in the exteriors but also in interior spaces.
Paola Lenti Aqua Collectie
A Nordic-style chalet, a modern attic, a country farmhouse, a beach house, a city penthouse...
Every kind of home has a soul; every garden or terrace has its priorities: corners to be highlighted, spaces to be preserved, placed to be set aside
Corradi Outdoor Living Spaces Catalogus
Perfect, harmonious proportions and a sense of understated luxury: distinguishing features of Living Divani.
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Living DIvani Outdoor
Contemporary urban furniture for public and private spaces.
Roda furniture has a mimetic design, blending in and becoming an integral part of the context for which it was designed. These cross-references, between indoors and outdoors, have a design-oriented dimension and a fundamental element in common: a welcoming design.
This furniture is not merely positioned outside – it belongs outside.
RODA Outdoor
The removal of what is not essential, and the intense search for simplicity has resulted in the creation of functional and visually pleasant products: simple is nice.
The end result of this continuous work of research can only be a hard-to-reach yet dynamic balance between the tension of subtraction and the need to add to products only what is essential to be understood.
MDF Italia

Viteo Catalogus
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Extremis catalogus
The distinctive shape of the StructureLAB S1 is defined by the curved textile membrane which is held up only from the top. The development in close cooperation with architects and membrane engineers aimed at creating an innovative and unique shading system and design element. The result is the convincing synthesis of a sail’s elegance and a mobile umbrella’s flexibility and functionality. The StructureLAB S1 sunshade system meets the highest creative demands and sets a course in designing individual and exclusive outdoor spaces.
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