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Design: Wolfgang Pichler
Thanks to their special materials and finishing, VITEO Light Cubes are particularly suited to outdoor use, though they can also be used to jazz up interiors in a highly interesting way. Enhanced strength and durability also make the Light Cubes an attractive form of seating furniture.

A Plexiglas housing mounted on a stainless steel base envelops the hi-tech interior of the VITEO Light Cube ‘Mood'.

The VITEO Light Cube Mood enables you to create your own large number of lighting combinations by remote control (LED). Colours can be mixed and dimmed in various levels of intensity. You can either select one of the eight pre-defined light cube moods or opt for the different programmes to run in an automatic colour sequence. Hence depending on your mood, you can change your choice of colour, speed and intensity by simple using the remote control. Power is supplied by a temperature and outdoor-resistant rubber cable.

The Light Cube Mood Battery is the wireless model of the conventional Light Cube Mood and comes with the same remote control functionality. It, too, can be used as a lamp as well as a chair. Your Light Cube Mood Battery is loaded by a rechargeable battery.

Unlike the Light Cube Mood, the Light Cube Mono has no control feature. Even so, use of a coloured energy-saving lamp in white, red, blue, green or yellow lights up gardens and patios in a wonderfully colourful way. For interiors, too, the Light Cube Mono represents an extraordinarily beautiful and versatile accessory.

L40 x W40 x H45 cm

Price on request.

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